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Our professional team of nurses is responsible for implementing the practice of nursing through the use of the nursing process along with other health care professionals. Our nurses work as patient advocates for the care, recovery and maintenance of your health.

Key to the nursing process is critical thinking/clinical judgment, which requires assessment/evaluation skill, technical competence, interpersonal skill and the ability to synthesize data, cluster it into similar patterns in order to develop a nursing diagnosis, and then the ability to work together with patient/family/community to establish appropriate outcomes and interventions.

Our Nurses provide physical and emotional support to patients and the families of patients with illnesses or disabilities that affect their ability to function normally and that may alter their lifestyle.

The rehabilitation nurse cares for individuals who are experiencing temporary, progressive, or permanent illness or disabilities that are extensive enough to alter their normal functioning and interrupt their lifestyle.

What Makes Our Nurses Special

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Rehabilitation nurses help individuals affected by chronic illness or physical disability to adapt to their disabilities, achieve their greatest potential, and work toward productive, independent lives. They take a holistic approach to meeting patients’ medical, vocational, educational, environmental, and spiritual needs.

Rehabilitation nurses begin to work with individuals and their families soon after the onset of a disabling injury or chronic illness. They continue to provide support in the form of patient and family education and empower these individuals when they go home or return to work or school. The rehabilitation nurse often teaches patients and their caregivers how to access systems and resources.

Rehabilitation nursing is a philosophy of care, not a work setting or a phase of treatment. Rehabilitation nurses base their practice on rehabilitative and restorative principles by: Managing complex medical issues, Collaborating with other specialists, Providing ongoing patient/caregiver education, Setting goals for maximal independence, Establishing plans of care to maintain optimal wellness.

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Our Nursing Staff

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