Which insurance do you accept?

Please refer to our list of Accepted Insurance for the most up-to-date information.

What levels of care do you offer?

We offer short term post-acute care in our Rapid Recovery Unit to assist our patients in returning home at their highest level of function and long-term care to ensure the best possible quality of life.

What are your visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are daily from 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM. “Special arrangements can be made outside of normal visiting hours if needed.”

What are your business office hours?

Our business office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. “Special arrangements can be made outside of normal Business Office Hours if needed”.

What is your admissions process?

Our kind and compassionate Admissions staff have the answers to all of your admission questions. They are ready to assist you through the admission process. Tours are welcome and encouraged. Our Admissions Director can be contacted to answer any and all of your questions regarding admissions to Brooksville Healthcare Center.

What sets Brooksville Healthcare Center apart?

Brooksville Healthcare Center is the recipient of 5-Star Ratings, the Governor’s Gold Seal of Excellence in Long-Term Care since 2010, News Week’s Best Nursing Home for 2022 and 2023, HSM Regional Center of the Year, HSM National Overall Center of the Year, and was a past recipient of the OSHA SHARP Award (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program).  Our caring staff is dedicated to quality and ensuring all residents feel at home.

How can my loved one admit to Brooksville Healthcare Center?

We strive to make our admissions process at Brooksville Healthcare Center as simple as possible. If your loved one is currently in the hospital, please let your Hospital Case Manager or Social Worker know that you’d like for your loved one to transition to Brooksville Healthcare Center for continued care after their hospital discharge. They will contact us and we will make the process seamless and easy for you.

My loved one is going to be admitting to your facility. What do I need to bring them?

We encourage family/friends to bring in comfortable clothing for your loved one to wear while participating in therapy. Pull over pants tend to be a good option as well as comfortable shoes with good grip for therapy exercises! Some patients also like to read or draw, so you are also welcome to bring in books, coloring books, or iPads for your loved one to use during down time. A warm blanket is also a frequent request, and having a piece of home can bring comfort to your loved one. We simply ask that any items being brought in be brought to the nurses station prior to be inventoried and to limit up to no more than 5 changes of clothes. We will provide toiletries and all bedding.

I am looking for long term placement for my loved one, but am unsure what my first steps are.

We understand choosing the best new home for your loved one can be a daunting task. Our Admissions team is here to explain the long term care admission process as well as providing you with many resources to assist with things like Medicaid planning, elder services and explaining long term benefits. Please call our Admissions team to schedule an appointment to come in and further discuss.

How much therapy will my loved one be receiving while in your short term rehab?

The amount of therapy minutes authorized all varies on your loved ones insurance. Please call our Admissions team to review your loved one insurance plan to find out how much time their insurance will authorize.

Am I allowed to bring in my pet while I visit?

Yes! We are pet friendly. We do ask that you bring in a copy of your pets shot record prior to your visit to be reviewed by our front office clerk, and ask that your pet be up to date on all vaccines. We do have a pet weight capacity of 65lb.

What does my loved one do during the day while not getting therapy?

We offer multiple activities each day for both our short term and long term patients. Check out our Facebook page or our Activities Calendar next to the Admissions Office to see all of our fun activities planned for the month. Our facility also sits on over 8 acres of beautiful scenery, so everyone is welcome to enjoy our courtyards and walk the scenic path on the west side of the building. Here, you will also find picnic tables which are great for a visit on a sunny day.

Do you offer beauty services at your facility?

Yes! Every Tuesday we have our in-house Beautician who offers a variety of services from male and female haircuts, to perms and blow outs! Please stop by the front office or call us at (352) 796-6701, for more questions and pricing.

Does your facility allow smoking?

We do have a smoking courtyard for those who smoke. While we do have a smoking policy, which will be provided to you/your loved one at admission that prohibits smoking in the facility, we do allow smoking in the designated area.

I was told that my loved one has a 100 day benefit period with their insurance. Does that mean my loved one will have 100 days to participate in rehab?

While many insurance plans have a 100 day skilled nursing benefit period, there is no guarantee that they will receive all 100 days. Our admissions team will call to see if any days have been exhausted, but ultimately the determination of length of stay will be up to the insurance company and the attending doctor.

Do you offer private rooms?

We do offer private rooms. Please call Admissions to discuss pricing as insurance does not cover private rooms and bed availability frequently changes.

I need to get my loved one’s medical records from their stay. How do I get this?

You can contact our Medical Records department directly at 352-796-6701 extension 2410 who would be more than happy to assist you with obtaining records.

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