Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing After a Stroke

Every year, approximately 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke. Therefore, people suffer strokes every 40 seconds. According to the American Stroke Association, strokes are one of the leading causes of long-term disability. The effects of a stroke vary greatly from person to person, but it can result in loss of mobility, difficulty communicating and understanding, and difficulty performing daily tasks.

When considering care after a stroke, it is helpful to understand the importance of rehabilitation and skilled nursing. It is crucial when evaluating potential recovery times and skills that could be regained to take both of these forms of care into consideration.

In nursing homes, residents are provided with comprehensive care and a sheltered living environment. There is a greater emphasis on rehabilitation in skilled nursing facilities. As a result, they can devote more time to specific rehabilitation and have doctors on staff or available 24/7 to provide the necessary level of care.

Nursing rehabilitation helps stroke victims regain their normal level of function so that they can return home safely. In order to ensure a successful stroke recovery, specialized nurses and doctors must be conversant about the realities of stroke recovery.

Find the Right Care After a Stroke

At Brooksville Healthcare Center, we offer skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and therapy for any situation, including after a stroke. It is our goal to produce positive outcomes so that the patient may return home safely.

We would love to talk through any questions you may have about the best care after a stroke as well as options available to you in our skilled nursing facility. Please reach out to us at (352) 796-6701.


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